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Missed the last couple of issues of the Watercooler?  Here are the top 3 articles not to be overlooked on ways to improve strategy execution across your organization

Too Good to Be Missed

Doing business today is very complex, regardless of your industry or solution.  Finding ways to improve employee engagement, create an entire organization of high performing managers or delivery accelerated growth is every leader’s goal.  Check out these upcoming events to discover ways to achieve greater results through better strategy execution:

The Manager Makeover Series

From Firefighter to Rainmaker – While they have the power to be rainmakers, most managers never really learned how to accelerate business success. Be part of the transformation on 19 April 2016.
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Bright Spots Webinar

Uncover the practices and behaviors that high performers in your organization are already doing and scale that across your business. 20 April 2016.
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