The World’s 25 Most Innovative Companies*

  1. Apple — For walking the talk
  2. Facebook — For 800 million reasons to share
  3. Google — For expanding its hit lineup
  4. Amazon — For playing the long game
  5. Square — For making magic out of the mercantile
  6. Twitter — For amplifying the global dialogue
  7. Occupy Movement — For embodying all the traits that make a Fast Company
  8. Tencent — For fueling China’s Internet boom–and boldly moving West
  9. Life Technologies— For speeding up genetic sequencing
  10. SolarCity — For brightening up the sun-power business
  11. HBO — For being the only TV network to delight with digital
  12. Southern New Hampshire University — For relentlessly reinventing higher ed, online and off
  13. Tesla Motors — For boosting the art and technology of electric vehicles
  14. Patagonia — For selling more by encouraging customers to buy less
  15. NFL — For stoking insatiable, year-round demand for professional football
  16. National Marrow Donor Program — For matching technology with critical transplant needs
  17. Greenbox — For inventing the next-generation Chinese fashion brand
  18. Jawbone — For rocking the mobile lifestyle
  19. Airbnb — For turning spare rooms into the world’s hottest hotel chain
  20. 72andSunny — For winning at the intersection of Hollywood and Madison Avenue
  21. Siemens AG — For its R&D ambitions in energy, transportation, and health care
  22. Dropbox — For transforming file storage into a very big business
  23. Kiva Systems — For turning squat robots into e-commerce giants
  24. Starbucks — For infusing a steady stream of new ideas to revive its business
  25. Genentech — For making targeted, genetics-based cancer therapies

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