Talent Winds in Your Organization – Discuss With Your Team

As your organization plans for a new year, it seems like the right time to think about the best ways to tackle all the change that 2015 will bring. From new generations of workers, to new recruitment and training technologies, to new leadership practices created to keep people engaged and connected to your strategy, there’s a lot on the horizon that will impact the business world. To help you conquer these changes, consider sitting down with your managers and discussing the following 11 questions. Together you’ll be able to hone in on the tactics that will help your unique organization conquer what lies ahead …one change at a time.

Talent Acquisition & Leadership

  1. If you could redesign your organization’s talent acquisition process, would you change anything about the role that leaders play? Why or why not?
  2. Are candidate expectations influencing the way your organization is responding to win top talent? If yes, how?

Capability Building and Strategy

Capability Building & Strategy

  1. What percent of your organization’s training and development programs are dedicated to aspects unique to your business strategy?
  2. What determines whether a training program is successful in your organization today? How has this changed in the last five years? How might it change in the next five years?

Managers as Owners of Engagement

  1. Are your managers equipped to lead employee engagement? What are you doing to sustain or improve this?
  2. What training and tools do managers need most to accelerate higher levels of performance in their teams?

Millennials vs. Old School

  1. What are the differences you’ve noticed in the type of goals that motivate and engage millennials vs. those in other generations? Why do you feel these differences exist?
  2. Should we lead differently to engage the millennial workforce?
  3. What’s the best way to talk about strategy so it resonates with millennials in a meaningful way?

Millennials vs. Old School

Talent Management & Social Responsibility

  1. What role is your organization’s social responsibility and charitable giving efforts having on attracting and retaining top talent?
  2. What are the simple and yet impactful ways to sync up your social responsibility efforts with the passions of your people?