Settling the Wild West of Management

A lack of employee engagement is often a sign that employees don’t understand their company’s strategy and goals – or their impact on them. This is a common scenario, and yet the solution often eludes leaders and managers alike. Leaders create strategy and ask managers to execute it through their people. A breakdown often occurs along the way. Managers are responsible for connecting their teams and individual employees to the strategy. They are responsible for bringing out the best in others in a way that results in the success of the individual, the team, and the company.

Truly engaging employees requires a manager to be a great coach. In today’s marketplace the “yell and tell” management style just won’t cut it; managers must ask Powerful Questions. Powerful Questions allow managers to find out what’s important to employees and connect that to the goals of the business for the benefit of both.

Gather your team around the “Settling the Wild West of Management” visual and discuss the following questions.

Take a moment and look at the entire visual. Describe what you see in this scene. Read all the quotes aloud and then discuss the questions below.

  1. Find the manager on the left and the manager in the center of the visual. Describe the two different management styles you see.
  2. What challenges do the frontline employees on the left side of the scene face?
  3. How effective is the manager on the left at engaging his employees? How likely is it that the manager and his team achieve the goals the company has asked of them?
  4. Now take a look at the manager in the center of the visual. What steps is she taking to create meaningful connections with her employees?
  5. Read the planks on the back of the wagon at the center of the visual. What can a manager gain by asking Powerful Questions in each of these areas? What is in it for the employee?
  6. What’s possible for an employee if he trusts his manager, is motivated, and understands the organization’s strategy? What’s possible for the entire team? What’s possible for the organization?
  7. What Powerful Questions can you use to engage your employees?

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