New Study Reveals Managers as the Most Undertrained and Unappreciated Employee

Managers. They’re a critical element of your business. They are the engines that keep things humming by mentoring and motivating staff, watching over the front line, and keeping the day-to-day moving forward while leaders maintain an eye on the big picture.

Are you doing everything you can to help these mission-critical players be successful? Are you giving them the tools and knowledge to succeed – or are you overlooking one of your most important assets? Unfortunately, it might be the latter. A recent study reports that 65% of training executives in the U.S. say securing funds for training is a painful process. And 57% of those polled also admit their senior leaders don’t support current manager training programs.

Surprised? To learn more about the reality for today’s multi-tasking manager and how Root Inc. thinks these challenges can be solved, check out the new report, America’s Workforce: A Revealing Look at Corporate America’s Most Neglected Employee.