Mindset Mountain

Everyone agrees that the economic downturn has caused everyone a lot of distress.  Although it’s not really “all in our mind,” mindset does have a lot to do with how we view the future.  Let’s talk about it.

Everyone agrees that the market or economic challenges can cause lot of distress for people. Mindset has a lot to do with how successful organizations are able to overcome adversity and achieve future outcomes. Let’s talk about it.

  1. The man’s head represents a company. Look at the left side of “his head” first. Describe the images and read the signs.
  2. Do these behaviors remind you of anything happening at our company? What do you think is the mindset of each person at the edge of Hopeless Gulch?
  3. Now look at the right side of the sketch. The people are climbing the same mountain, but with a different mindset. Describe each image on Engagement Terrace.
  4. Have we seen any behaviors at our company that remind you of these people?
  5. What are the people on the stairs at the lower right doing? Why is this important?
  6. In order to get to Payoff Peak, the teams need to pass through the Cloud of Turbulent Times. How does mindset make a difference when companies have to go through that cloud?
  7. What are some ways to get our people on the right side of the sketch instead of the left?
  8. What will it take to get us to the top of Payoff Peak?
  9. When we get there, what different things would we have to celebrate?

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