Mean Tweets: Work Edition

Mean Tweets: Work Edition

Some people use social media to follow breaking news, track industry trends, or keep in touch with friends and family. Others, however, use it to vent about their less-than-engaging jobs and #badbosses.

At Root, we spend our days focused on how to create #engagement, #greatbosses, and #bestplacestowork. However, according to the Tweets below, we still have a lot of work to do. While downright depressing on one hand, some of these posts are just too good not to share.

So, take a read and let’s hope you don’t recognize any of the handles. Once you’re finished chuckling, take a second to reflect on how you can make sure your people have no reason to publish tweets like these.

And if you see something on social media that you want to share, email us at We’re always looking for trending workplace topics.

Chances are, we’ve all felt Mrs.Kitty’s pain. But does it really have to be this way? #nomorebeingannoyedbefore8am

I don’t know what’s worse … being ignored by your boss and having him or her deny it or having the boss actually cop to such low-down behavior!

You know your workplace has hit an all-time low when you need a bouncer in the building to escort people out who shouldn’t be seen or heard in public.

Shedding tears at work is never a way to encourage #engagement. Send this girl some tissues and a supportive manager, STAT!

Someone please give Taylor Rose something more stimulating to do, or better yet – help her feel like she’s part of something bigger than herself! Counting pennies isn’t exactly the most interesting way to spend a day …

 While we, too, hope that Harry is using the right shampoo and conditioner for his hair type, MITAM definitely needs someone at work to help her feel like she’s going on a meaningful journey. Not caring about your job is a fruitless way to earn a living!

Attention all managers – do not let your people feel like poor John T Mussack. You have to make sure they’re engaged as individuals and as a team unit. Bad co-workers can be like poison to all the good ones.