Mean Tweets: Work Edition

Mean Tweets: Work Edition

Twitter’s popularity isn’t waning yet and neither are the abundance of unhappy employees sharing their disengagement in 140 characters or less. We’re highlighting a few as a reminder that all leaders and managers must remain committed to fostering happy, engaging and inspiring enviroments at all times – no matter the organizational or marketplace shifts.

Heads up to @esmecastilllo’s managers – you’re about to lose an employee (and I’m guessing it’s not the first time). I know we’ve never met, but if I were you, I’d start focusing on what motivates your people so you can keep your good ones around!


@SunnyAnderson (yes, the Sunny from the Food Network!) has a very unhappy former co-worker. Negativity is contagious, but Sunny knows how to keep her upbeat disposition and removed herself from the situation (with the best excuse possible IMHO).


Any decent leader avoids insulting his or her team. Someone send @aaalliicceemaay’s manager a copy of The Un-Bossy Boss: 12 Powerful Questions to Make YOU a Great Manager stat!


Mergers and acquisitions are never easy, but if what @MaxwinsRacing is tweeting is true, seems like the leaders behind this one need just a little help with strategic development, execution, communication and engagement. Seems like a good time to call @TheRootInc.  J


Well, that’s one way of expressing your feelings @Sutton_IsAHabit. Sounds like this boss needs some manager development ASAP! Is your learning and training group focused on getting those managers the skills they need?


@Annahalee – you can outsource a lot these days, buuuuuttt…. if your co-worker is trying to hire you as a substitute, seems he isn’t so hot about working either. It might be time to find a company that better suits your passions – life is too short to not feel connected to what you do each day!


Now here is a boss who actually seems to get it!!! Don’t take offense to this, but @mattCSwill96, seems like you might be in the wrong here. You actually seem to have a boss who cares! Maximize that conversation and figure out what you can do together to make work more meaningful.


Yikes. And with one little tweet @MaryHartmanx2 reminds us all of what can happen when communication to employees falls to the wayside. I can’t imagine this is going to bode well for employee engagement or – let’s be honest – the success of this merger …

And here’s a final short, but sweet one for y’all:


Seems that @itsgudedoll knows how to be effective with very few characters. Keeping it under 140 is tough! Well done!