Mean Tweets: Work Edition

Mean Tweets: Work Edition

When you post to Twitter, you’re sharing your views and experiences with the entire world. With more than 347,000 tweets sent per minute, there are a lot of conversations occurring and one topic that has its fair share of voice is “bad bosses.”

As we’ve discussed in the past, employees don’t quit their company, they quit their boss. So if you think you have a few of these disgruntled folks in your organization, time to help them change their tune or you might just be out a stellar employee who knows that a better boss is just a job away.

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@earth_to_jilly, we’ve all been there, but seems like you need to have a sit down convo with your manager. It’s his/her responsibility to make sure you are being recognized and are doing work that connects you to the big picture.

While a #badboss is never a good thing, @dajeeha1126 has it right – a good boss can truly make all the difference in how you feel about work.

@illMindofPayton, hope your company turns things around or they’ll probably lose you too! … Leaders – if a mass exodus happens under your watch, it’s definitely time to reassess.

Our friend @dajeeha1126 said it before and @AScout15 is saying it again – bad leadership can cripple a business. Thankfully, it is possible for a #badboss to reform. It just takes a concerted effort to put the team first – always.

Heads up to @MaraRoos’ boss – there’s never a good reason to yell. Mistakes can present the chance to learn and you’d be foolish to ignore these real-time teaching opportunities. And for all bosses out there – make sure your people understand the strategy and their role in delivering it … using your inside voice, of course.

@LovelyLiz certainly hits that nail on the head. Nothing poisons the office like a bad manager.

Here’s another Tweet that deserves an #amen. @cowgirltough23, hope you’re tough enough to endure the #badboss and that someone else in a leadership position makes some positive changes!

What’s wrong with this picture? A LOT. Looks like some major lack of communication among managers, their colleagues and team members. Time to start talking and not working in #silos!

No matter how unusual the name, no good boss repeatedly mispronounces a team member’s name. @MilanaWalerius, you keep correcting your boss! And to your boss – time to practice some #Leadership 101 skills!