Mean Tweets: Corporate Training Edition

Corporate training is notorious for being boring. A quick look at Twitter proves this perception still reigns supreme. Why? Because it’s usually not delivered in an engaging approach to employees, and in many cases, it’s not even relevant to their job. What’s the solution? Think about the different ways that individuals learn – visual, auditory or kinesthetic – and the multitude of approaches to communication – film, games, simulations, group discussions, etc. Using combinations of approaches is proven to work better for helping keep people engaged and allows them to absorb the information in a meaningful way. To keep you amused as you consider this advice, check out these training-related tweets!


When the revolver emoji is used to describe your training initiative, you have a problem. It’s time to stop in your tracks and reinvent things STAT.


Someone needs to rescue @itskrazzyy from that 4-hour torture session. And whoever thought sitting in a 4-hour lecture was a good idea should call us right away. Like now. Seriously. 1-800-852-1315. You’re wasting your time, their time and most importantly a boatload of talent development dollars.


Here’s a bit of advice for @rxchelha’s manager – to help her and the rest of your frontline employees, try empowering them with knowledge on the business and show them how each of their interactions directly parlays into big picture success or failure. Once they’re armed with knowledge and your permission to act authentically as a representative of your brand, smile lessons probably won’t be necessary.


A classic e-training fail. Don’t rely on self-driven trainings alone. Training doesn’t have to be boring! Keep it interesting by mixing up modalities, incorporate some group discussion, and above all else – connect it directly to their job and the business strategy. By keeping your learning and development programs varied, interactive and concise, you’ll increase the chances of keeping people interested.


You figured it out! Repeat “build rapport” over and over and you WILL create a strong team. (Can you sense the sarcasm here?) How about NOT using clichés, puns or catch phrases as the fundamental messages in your trainings? You hired smart people. Treat them that way! Educate them on your roadmap and the role they play on that journey. Then help them hone the skills that empower them to deliver their best.


This tweet isn’t about the training itself, but the sustaining materials used to motivate people to keep up the learnings or behaviors you want to see. But, please, please, PLEASE, don’t rely on posters of kitties hanging from a chandelier reminding people to “hang in there.” You have to spend money on sustaining activities to keep learnings top of mind. Inspire and motivate your people – showing them how to live the suggestions you make in their day-to-day jobs – and you’ll see the ROI.


We had to include this one because our hearts just melted for poor @joshlevey_. I mean, come on! If playing with bubble wrap is the highlight of your job, you know there’s a major problem. So to whoever manages this guy – please give him back his bubble wrap! Or better yet, amp up his engagement! We have lots of thoughts on that too you know :).