Mean (and some not so mean) Tweets: Work Edition

Mean Tweets: Work Edition

Twitter, oh Twitter. You’re a platform for delivering breaking global news, but sometimes you’re best for serving up some old fashioned entertainment. This month we’re sharing some new rants (and some positive tweets too for a change … I know, we even surprised ourselves with this!) from employees who took to Twitter to broadcast their opinions. We hope these candid voices remind you that leaders and managers everywhere need to up their game to ensure their frontline teams are engaged, recognized and ready to deliver the best customer experience possible.


This little ditty makes us both happy and gives us a chuckle. Congrats on the pay raise @Ruther2 and we hope you manage to squeeze in a little Twitter time before or after hours!


And that’s how you do it! Bad customer experiences and lackluster service is inevitable. BUT, brands can react quickly and delight their customers by taking care of issues, rewarding repeat business and proving that customers do matter. Nice work @Uber!


I really hope that @KellyHopkins is on the other line when I call customer service because this girl has to be feeling happy after getting a surprise treat from her HR team in the form of a #CookieMonster cupcake. Creating a positive culture isn’t about food and goodies, but it IS about making people feel good and surprising and delighting them in a number of ways. We wouldn’t complain about this treat!


@mesadhill voiced her issues about @Searscares and got a response. That’s one for the brand being able to deliver customer care on social media! Surprisingly, not everyone does it yet. But it seems Melissa’s problems were not resolved to her liking and therefore the brand still comes out on the losing side of the situation. This example proves that the customer needs to be cared for across each and every touch point. Anything else leads to failure. Plain and simple.


The editor-at-large of @UPROXX has a wicked sense of humor! At least we hope he’s joking … but sadly this could have been straight up serious.


Boom! This tweet makes us happy. Nice people rule! And @AmericanExpress is a shining example of how to do customer service the right way. With a smile!


Major fail. Major! Seems that @AmFitFam had the opportunity to make R&B singer @TreySongz a happy customer and they dropped the ball. Yes, they replied and tried to make up for it, but not before @GoldsGym swept in to save the day. And that’s how you use social media to your advantage people!

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