How Do You Rank?


Are you a master communicator or a messaging mess?

Your performance management savvy will increase as you better your communication capabilities, so there’s no time like the present to assess your current skill level.

How often do you repeat a message to your team?

  1. I don’t want to be a nag!
  2. When my people need to know about something, I talk about it two times – once via email and once in-person.
  3. Over and over and over. I am known for repeating myself.
  4. Multiple times, but in different ways. I’m likely to send a weekly recap email, ask the team to share questions in our weekly meeting and visit with folks so they can share concerns in a one-on-one environment.

How many times do people need to hear a message before it “sticks?”

  1. Once! We’re adults and should retain information quickly.
  2. Three times. Not too repetitive, but just enough to break through the clutter.
  3. 12 times. The more, the merrier!
  4. Seven times. This is the proven amount of times to ensure a message is heard and remembered.

Do you use multiple touch points to share the same information?

  1. Why would I do that? That’s called badgering!
  2. I believe in sending an email and stating important news in-person. This one-two punch, where people read and hear the news, helps it to stick.
  3. I’m an over-sharer! I’m known to send multiple emails on the same topic. Otherwise I’m worried people won’t remember.
  4. I know it takes multiple methods for a message to resonate. So, I proudly cop to sending an email, distributing a handout and making “the rounds” in person to discuss news, new initiatives or anything noteworthy to the business and my teams.

Decoding Your Answers

If most of your answers were A
It may be time to get some communication training stat. You need some basic education on the power of communication and the importance of strategic message delivery. Without developing these skills further, your effectiveness as a team leader will be limited.

If most of your answers were B
You’re on the verge of being a solid communicator, but are too hesitant in your delivery. Commit to your messages, figure out how to vary your delivery and the mediums in which you share them and you’ll find things “stick” much better, which underscores your true leadership skills.

If most of your answers were C
It’s a mayday situation. You are an over-sharer to the nth degree and there is no doubt that your team will start to tune you out in the near future … if they haven’t already. Tempering how and when you communicate is an easy fix and you’ll be back on track to be a great leader in no-time.

If most of your answers were D
Yippee! You’re a master communicator with the skills to deliver messages through a variety of methods. You should feel confident in your ability to share news and have it resonate, and you should feel confident that you’re likely one of the leading managers in your organization who is successful when it comes to key leadership skills, including performance management.