Forrester Research and Root

An undisputed key to keeping customers happy is delivering excellent products and services backed by an excellent customer experience. This is simple in theory, but harder in execution. To help us accomplish this essential and sometimes elusive goal, Forrester Research Inc. recently released a report titled “Executive Q&A: Learning Maps; Innovative Tools for Customer Experience Training.” The report discusses the trend of Learning Maps, why these big-picture visualization tools are resonating with organizations, and why they are an effective way for leaders to get their people informed and on board with customer experience strategies.

We’re excited to share that Root was cited as the “largest and most well-known partner” for Learning Map engagements. But, we’re not alone. It’s a proven tool, and several organizations are developing them for major brands with great success. So, what’s the big deal about Learning Maps? Forrester states that Learning Maps can be a “training tool for companies that want to transform their cultures and become customer-obsessed.”

How does a Learning Map accomplish this seemingly massive task? It uses large-scale imagery to tell a story. The Learning Map’s compelling visuals are designed to break down complex information and scenarios and are the foundation for small-group interactive training sessions during which employees are guided through their organization’s big-picture strategy, along with their individual roles in bringing that strategy to life.

According to the report, Learning Maps can add value when sharing a new customer experience strategy, changing a specific part of the customer experience, training managers, and integrating employees from acquired companies.

Want to see what else the experts at Forrester have to say? Click here to view the report, which outlines Root’s five-step process for creating and implementing Learning Maps. The report also includes Strategic Learning Map® solutions from several of the organizations that Root has partnered with, in addition to other vendor examples.