Corporate Culture – Cool Stuff Successful Companies Do


When it comes to corporate culture, things have changed… a lot. Office game rooms, once considered a novelty, have become commonplace. Most companies include dog treats in monthly supply orders, offer work-from-home options and have kitchens stocked with lots more than just coffee. But truly great corporate cultures go much deeper. Today many organizations are building strong cultures that not just ladder up to their missions, but work in partnership with their purpose to inspire extremely passionate and motivated employees – resulting in successful businesses and long-lasting brands. Here are just a few examples we’ve chosen to help inspire your next corporate culture discussion.

Zappos – You just can’t talk about corporate culture without mentioning this leader. Culture is SO important to this brand that the culture fit interview can make or break a hire. This philosophy has created an organization full of like-minded people with a shared view on the importance of the brand’s culture.

SquareSpace – This organization is what being entrepreneurial is all about. Leadership is extremely accessible and limited levels of management ensure that everyone feels they have a voice, are capable of providing input and are welcome to do so. The result is a culture full of creative, engaged employees who feel unencumbered to give their jobs their all.

Adobe – Want your people to really believe that you believe in them? Give out a “mystery innovation box” to anyone who requests one in order to develop a new product idea. Each box comes stocked with a $1,000 pre-paid credit card, pens, paper and snacks. This act of good faith shows leadership’s commitment to its people and their ideas. A new product hasn’t come to fruition via this program as of yet, but its impact on the culture might prove it to be a success nonetheless.

Dropbox – This company stands by its theory: “You’re smart, figure it out.” Dropbox leaders work hard to identify the strengths of team members and then hand the reins to those experts. Talk about empowering your people. Considering the success of this brand, things seem to be working quite well.

Birchbox – Having a positive attitude is more than just a nice characteristic, it’s a defining element of corporate culture. And then some. The company founder has no desire to bring on someone who describes a past job as “not fun,” as she believes we all control the level of fun in our lives. She also works hard to providing guidance to her team, but wants her people to step up, too. With a mindset like this, being driven, confident and hard working is a cultural norm.

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