C’mon, What Are You Afraid Of?!

Well, when it comes to technology, it turns out we’re afraid of a lot, actually. But these fears largely fall under the bigger umbrella of what keeps us up at night – and that is change. If, on average, it takes us 66 days of blood, sweat, and tears to change a single habit, then the pace of technology changes thrown at us daily is enough to make us falter.

When we think about technology fears in organizations, consider a “Bermuda Triangle” analogy – where three primary fear perspectives conspire to create a larger problem with no easy solution(s):

1. Users / Employees Technology: The prevalence of mobile devices creates a new set of challenges in terms of reaching everyone all the time. And while “BYOD” (bring-your-own-device) is being embraced by more and more companies, it has now caused the additional fear of employers’ rights to own and access content on users’ devices.

2. IT and Information Security: These folks are losing a lot of sleep. From the cost and complication of managing and supporting multiple technology platforms and their upgrade cycles, to data security concerns, fear is everywhere.

3. Executives and Business Leaders: “ Today’s generation and tomorrow’s leaders use technology very differently than we do. The generational gap poses many fear-based questions – Are we cool enough to attract them to work here? How is technology making us more efficient? Are our systems good enough, and when should we upgrade?

This Bermuda Triangle has no easy solution, and in our next issue we’ll provide some tips to help think about these differently. Until then, I’d love to hear from YOU on this. How is technology keeping you up at night, and how is your organization dealing with it? Send me an email at pignasinski@rootinc.com.

By Paul Ignasinski
Managing Director,
Client Development
Root Inc.